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Dr. Alexander Paufler (born January 4th, 1953, in Germany, married, two children) has been working in Europe, Asia and the USA as CPA, CFO, CIO and CEO. He teaches now as Adj. Professor at several Business Schools.

As certified tax consultant he started to write professional articles and to publish books about doing business and taxation. His practical work experience and research led to teaching in China, Germany, Greece, Japan and Thailand and earned him a Professorship. The teaching scope spans from 'Organizational Behavior', ‘Change Management’, ‘Leadership’, ‘CEO-Branding’, ‘Business Ethics’, ‘Improvisation (Jazz), Communication and Business’ leading to books about ‘Leadership through Creativity and Innovation’ published in English, Thai, Chinese and German. Alexander Paufler believes and shows with examples collected through interviews around the world in his books that creativity can be learned. He developed 'Thinking Strategies and Tactics' for innovative leaders to cope with disruptive change.


Authority came from cross cultural leadership and management experiences working and teaching in seven countries as Consultant, CFO, CIO, CEO in Asia, Europe and USA. During that time he covered topics such as:

  • Tax consulting with PWC, KPMG and the International Tax Department of Daimler AG.
  • Growth & Downturn Management (Japan)
  • Change Management (Japan)
  • Turnaround Management (Japan)
  • Growth Management (Greece)
  • Downturn, Crisis and Growth Management (Thailand)
  • Since 2013 Dr. Paufler is on several boards advising the head office and local management.
  • As guest speaker he covers topics such as: Leadership, change management, communication, creativity and innovation, Jazz improvisation as a skill for communication and leadership



Creativity is thinking of new things. Innovation is doing new things.



It is key for a leader & manager to get the message across.



Change results from organizational development and leadership applied with urgency, empathy and focus.



"I have always tried to learn and teach about the amazing brain power. Creativity is the key ingredient to lead personal change and change in organizations. More than a thousand interviews in the western world and Asia resulted in many examples for creativity, innovation and the ‘Art of Thinking’. Below books started with a three-page checklist which helped me to engage employees, business partners and students and to get them familiar with creativity in personal and organizational development."


  • What’s New in Stressmanagement

    What’s New in Stressmanagement

    Stress kills Creativity. Stress works like an eraser.

  • Leadership – Creativity – Innovation

    Leadership – Creativity – Innovation




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    The story behind the book

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    The Improver

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  • The Integrator

    The Integrator

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Dr. Alexander Paufler interviewed more than 1000 persons around the world from business, academia, and the arts.

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